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50 ml


Welcome to the world of natural oils for hair and skin!


CONSCIO’s organic oils are wonderful products designed to nourish your face, hair and body while enhancing your natural appearance. Warm a few drops in your palm and massage gently onto your face and body. Relax and enjoy natural and lasting nourishment. For your hair, apply one or two drops to the ends and frizzy areas. Additionally, giving your scalp a gentle massage will help stimulate healthy growth. Let the oil sit for 20 minutes before washing your hair. Play with different CONSCIO oils and use them regularly to achieve noticeable results.


Broccoli seed oil pairs well with all hair and skin types. It has remarkable nourishing properties for the skin resulting in a healthy gloss. Broccoli seed oil’s purifying and calming effects give a boost to aging skin. It also stimulates detangling, shine, and softness of hair.


Happy oiling!

Broccoli seed oil

  • ✓ Adds a healthy gloss to your skin

    ✓ Detangling, shine, and softness of hair

    ✓ Free shipping from €30 (BE)


    50 ml

  • 100% Brassica Oleracea Italica Seed Oil (organic, cold pressed)

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