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250 ml


Enriched with the uplifting scent of fresh peppermint, our shampoo is your secret weapon against oily scalp. Peppermint, with its cooling properties, lets your scalp breathe and provides a refreshing feeling that lasts all day.


Carrier oil: Jojoba (organic)⎜Fragrances: Peppermint

100% natural, vegan & cruelty free. No silicones, parabens, synthetical perfumes & sulphates. All our products are handmade in Belgium with lots of love.


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Jojoba based shampoo⎜Peppermint ⎜For an oily scalp

  • ✓ Freshening & calming

    ✓ Hydrated hair with healthier ends

    ✓ Scalp oils in balance

    ✓ Refill here

    ✓ Free shipping from €75 (BE)


    250 ml

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